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HP 8753B Performance vector network analyzer

$ 1,200.00

This product may have a 20% restock fee

The HP 8753B is a high performance vector network analyzer for laboratory or production measurements of reflection and transmission parameters. It integrates a high resolution synthesized RF source and a dual channel three-input receiver to measure and display magnitude, phase, and group delay responses of active and passive RF networks.

  • Frequency range: 300 kHz to 3 GHz (6 GHz with option)
  • Noise level 3 kHz IF bandwidth: -90 dBm
  • Output power range: -5 to +20 dBm
  • Output power resolution: 0.1 dB
  • HP-IB interface for remote programming
  • Two independent display channels and a large screen CRT display the measured results of one or both channels, in rectangular or polar/Smith chart formats
  • Digital signal processing and microprocessor controls combine to provide easy operation and measurement improvement
    • Measurement functions are selected with front panel keys and softkey menus
    • Displayed measurement results can be printed or plotted directly to a compatible peripheral without the use of an external computer
  • Instrument states can be saved in internal memory for at least three days. In addition, the instrument can control a compatible disc drive for external storage capability
  • Built-in service diagnostics are available to simplify troubleshooting procedures
  • Trace math, data averaging, trace smoothing, electrical delay, and accuracy enhancement provide performance improvement and flexibilty. Accuracy enhancement methods range from normalizing data to complete one or two port vector error correction. Vector error correction reduces the effects of system directivity, frequency response, source and load match, and crosstalk
  • In combination with its compatible test sets and accessories, the 8753B has the ability to make complete reflection and transmission measurements in both 50 and 75 ohm impedance environments
  • The 8753B supports full two-port error correction with 1601 measurement points
  • The 8753B can automatically adjust sweep time to sweep as fast as possible for the given IF bandwidth, number of points, averaging mode, frequency range, number of points, and sweep type
  • With External Source Mode,you can phase lock the 8753B receiver to an external source
  • With Tuned Receiver Mode, you can use the receiver as a standalone device. CW measurements are possible with a synthesized external source
  • For mixer test applications, the receiver and source of the 8753B can be programmed with a fixed frequency offset
  • The 8753B uses an HP-IB compatible power meter to monitor and correct its output power at each point. A power correction table stores the correction values
  • With Interpolated Error Correction, you can perform any type of calibration, and then display any subset of that frequency range or use a different number of points
  • With Frequency List Mode, you can select any frequency segment fromn the list, and retain full specified calibration
  • With the test sequence function, you can save all keystrokes in a particular measurement task, and have the 8753B perform them automatically at a later time. This feature combines simple operation with many advanced features, such as, sequence stacking, conditional jumps, and user-defined prompts. Sequences can be stored to an optional external disc drive
  • With the Plotter/Printer Buffer, you can make a single plot or printout while the instrument continues to take measurements
  • Options
    • Option 002 provides swept harmonic measurements of RF amplifiers
    • Option 006 extends the frequency range of the three-input receiver to 6 GHz
    • Option 010 provides the capability of transforming measured data from the frequency domain to the time domain
    • Option 802: External 3.5 inch microfloppy disc drive
    • Option 908/913: Rack mount without/with handles

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