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2140.934-22.112-050 - Mydata  parts (407) 278-7311 /


Mydata Conveyor Motor Maxon DC 2140.934-22.112-050 (1531513)

$ 100.00

This product may have a 20% restock fee

Manufacturer: Maxon

Condition: New

Notes: Maxon DC motors are high-quality motors fitted with powerful permanent magnets. The heart of the motor is the worldwide patented ironless rotor. For you, this means cutting-edge technology in compact, powerful and low inertia drives.

Warranty: 60 days

Values at nominal voltage
Nominal voltage 12 V
No load speed 4080 rpm
No load current 12.3 mA
Nominal speed 2390 rpm
Nominal torque (max. continuous torque) 13.6 mNm
Nominal current (max. continuous current) 0.499 A
Stall torque 32.9 mNm
Stall current 1.19 A
Max. efficiency 81 %
Terminal resistance 10.1 ¢„¦
Terminal inductance 1.27 mH
Torque constant 27.8 mNm/A
Speed constant 344 rpm/V
Speed / torque gradient 125 rpm/mNm
Mechanical time constant 33.3 ms
Rotor inertia 25.4 gcm ‚²
Thermal data
Thermal resistance housing-ambient 10.4 K/W
Thermal resistance winding-housing 8.8 K/W
Thermal time constant winding 45.8 s
Thermal time constant motor 988 s
Ambient temperature -20...+65 ‚°C
Max. winding temperature +85 ‚°C
Mechanical data
Bearing type sleeve bearing
Max. speed 6400 rpm
Axial play 0.3 - 0.2 mm
Radial play 0.025 mm
Max. axial load (dynamic) 0.5 N
Max. force for press fits (static) 50 N
(static, shaft supported) 700 N
Max. radial load 2.5 N, 5 mm from flange
Other specifications
Number of pole pairs 1
Number of commutator segments 7
Number of autoclave cycles 0
Weight 190 g

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