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L-049-0162 - Mydata  parts (407) 278-7311 /


MYDATA L-049-0162 MOT3 With front panel

$ 800.00

This product may have a 20% restock fee

Manufacturer: MYDATA

Part Number: L-049-0162

Condition: Used. All came out of working machines and comes in non-original packaging. It has scratches from normal use. Cosmetic appearance may vary slightly from pictured unit(s).

Notes: This item was fully tested. Blue LED remains on (does not blink)

Requires: Computer box 2. The MOT3 is the third generation of the motor controller boards. It's for use with the MYDATA pick and place machines and the MYDATA tray exchanger (TEX). An exising MOT 2 can be replaced by a MOT3 with the following restrictions.

1. When used as MOT-X in machine equipped with XWB2, the XWB2 board needs to be revision 8 or later.

2. When used as MOT-X in a machine equipped with 2um transducers (i.e. TP9-4, TP11, and MY-series), x-servo xd33 or later is required for HYDRA machines and xd32 or later for none HYDRA machines.

3. When used as MOT-M, m-servo m40g9 or later is required.

If the machine is to have a glue station, a GS-2 glue station must be used. The GS glue station only works with MOT1 as MOT-M.

Warranty: 30 days

Machine Type: MY12, MY15, MY19, MY9, TP11, TP9-2, TP9-4, tray exchanger

Replaces: L-029-0304

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